I specialise in old-fashioned or ‘Analogue‘ Photography. This requires minimal technology, favouring mechanical and hand-done processes and hand-printing in a darkroom. The Pinhole Photography requires even less in terms of mechanics. It is ‘Lens-less‘ Photography. All one needs is a light-tight vessel (shoebox, suitcase, tin can, room, VW van etc) and light-sensitive material (photo paper, hand-coated light-sensitive emulsion on paper, card, canvas or wood) and the necessary chemicals (developer, stop-bath and fix).


Reclining Self Portrait with Vintage Pinhole Camera in Anglican Cathedral Gardens

Also, a steady hand comes in handy as the exposures are more likely in the range of 30 seconds to several minutes or in really extreme cases, hours, days or even months. I refer here to Dominique Stroobant and later, Justin Quinnel’s six month exposures from Summer to Winter Solstices.

dom stroobant dble page

Dominique Stroobant : Six Month Pinhole Exposures : Soltice to Solstice

I use 35mm film, medium ‘square’ format, paper negatives and homemade brush-coated photo paper, linen, canvas and wood. Images are predominantly black and white and every shade in between. Often grainy images, stark and contrasty in black and white, sometimes sepia and occasionally cyan tinged. I even like to print projecting light through creased tracing paper, vignetting so the image is darker around the edges and staining with strong tea or coffee to give that antiquated appearance.


Pyrography is another craft I practice. This translates literally as fire(pyro)writing(graphy). I illustrate the surface of wood with images, symbols, and text. All hand done by eye, except for incredibly intricate Celtic knotwork for which I use carbon paper to trace on the design.

celtic tree

Celtic Tree on Laburnum

I love working with living material from trees…wood…and the element of fire. Fire is transformational. It has the ability to transform. Pyrography is a meditiative practice which emits it’s very own bonfire smell. I relish exploring and learning about the different properties, characteristics, symbology and meaning of different woods. Some wood is used as an incense in it’s own right – like the sacred Palo Santo from South America – and is multipurpose as a pendant, talisman and scented incense. I tend to use predominantly native woods sourced locally from the woods, friend’s woodpiles or from kindly tree surgeons. I keep a portfolio of my work here. I make my work on a commission only basis. I am currently favouring illustrative pieces – the more shading the better – and pendants.


Mushroom on Elm

green man

Green Man on Holly


I publish my personal blog and news page on this website too.

I’m also a qualified and experienced holistic therapist offering a range of treatments.



I am a practicing artist based in Liverpool, England. I enjoy travelling, photographing, drawing, reading, writing, documenting, walking, climbing, cycling, motorbiking, making and exhibiting artwork, meeting new people and experiences, building pinhole cameras and darkrooms, delivering pinhole photography workshops & documenting life…

I photograph digital reportage, covering everything from documenting events and weddings to creating abstracts or intimate portraits and pregnancy and baby images. I am available for hire and private commission.

My art photography practice explores traditional darkroom processes; subverting and challenging the classic view of photography.

I use 35mm film, medium format film, experimental hand-coated papers and double-exposed images.

I construct pinhole cameras from suitcases, wooden boxes, tins, wardrobes and other vessels. This practice is magical lens-less photography.

I take inspiration from light and shadow, dynamic forms in nature (Li), Zen, people, places, the changing of seasons, optics, the elements, weather, yin-yang and connections with this world in which we live.